High level of security

Our system is PCI DSS Level 1 certified, which guarantees high security standards for payments and confidential data storage

3D Secure support for additional cardholder authentication

Independent Data Centers complying with local laws

Option to connect two-factor authentication for access to the control panel. If a merchant needs payouts, two-factor authentication is mandatory

You may need a PCI DSS security certificate to implement your product and enter into contracts with acquirers and counterparties. If you contract with us, we provide support and assistance in obtaining this certificate


Your possible manager

Powerful built-in anti-fraud module

Anti-fraud rules can be set on a merchant, terminal or merchant service level. You chose the segment where rules are really needed

Dozens of conditions which will help prevent fraudulent transactions without reducing the approval rate

You can add cards to White or Black lists — determine the reliability of payers and reduce the risk of chargebacks and fraud

The anti-fraud module can independently collect and analyze payment data and generate a trusted list of users. You can set anti-fraud rules based on the Trust List and route payments through different channels

Security is especially important in the High Risk segment. Our team has many years of experience in payment industry risk management and provides consultations